Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lecturers & Lecture

I always believe that everyday in life we learn somethin new from our experience & OTHER PEOPLE.

When I tell OTHER PEOPLE I also mean lecturers.

Lecturers have a LOT of LIFE EXPERIENCE & know "our" mentality quite well.

My F4 lecturer is kinda interesting as she has is teachin Law.

What that I can derive is :-

(1) There is NO such thing as TRUE JUSTICE. Now, there is only RELATIVE JUSTICE.

This means that you can technically get away with a crime by exploiting loop holes in the law or by simply with MONEY ($) & POWER.

(2) Marriage made in heaven.............THAT IS TOTAL RUBBISH!

All marriages are made on Earth.

(3) Girls only use their heart when in love NOT their brains. So girls, when in love use your brains also. If you want to divorce your husband make sure he has a higher pay than you or you had it. (This was said by my lecturer NOT me. I never insult anybody cuz I ALWAYS adopt a neutral position)

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